Monday, 19 April 2010

Turn frustration into a creation



Call it art, call it leisure, call it whatever you like. This is what I do to let out my frustration!! I have not gone clothes shopping for almost 5 months... T-T This is insane! Just to be clear, I'm not a shopaholic. Well, I'd like to think so. hahahahaha. Without a job, I'm hopeless. Asking parents for money to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories seems almost sinful when you already graduated with a degree!!! T-T Pathetic I know... The last time I asked mom to go clothes shopping, she gave me the 'I-don't-know-what-you-are-talking-about' look, followed by a short and sharp remark as she often does "Wait until you find a job. Then you can shop until you drop". oTL. Oh my sweet honey on toast, T_T why is life so bitter when you grow older by minutes. It's ridiculous of me to have asked in the first place... It's even more ridiculous to think that I'm a hopeless child with no job, no life, and no time to spare.


Over the past months I tried applying for jobs. As it turns out, I don't seem to meet their requirements. No prior work experience = less than 5% chance of finding a decent job. Oh great. I am thrilled! May be I should have stayed in New Zealand looking for a part-time job... The idea of working as a retailer in clothes stores doesn't seem too bad of a choice when you don't really have many choices!! -..- Ah well... It will be okay... It will be... There will be a day where the sky is clear for the sun to shine!! Just... don't give up! T-T

Enough of my whinny complaint... which I seem to have done a lot lately. . . Good luck to all of you who are stuck in a similar sort of situation. You are definitely not alone. :)


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  1. Oh mummy :S ...

    You're not a hopeless child. But yes you're still a baby bird trying to fly - as well as I. Maybe going to aussie will be good for you afterall. Dang I hope you get some clothes soon.. :( and that you can come to korea!!

    By the way your drawings are fantastic. I totally want the 4th outfit!!! <3