Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Emily Ann Thurrell's Pressed Flowers

It's been 4 months!!!! o.o Really?? Has it been 4 months since my latest post!! o.,o This sofa was sure abandoned. Though I wouldn't say that I completely stopped my usual routine of constant observation, documenting and collecting. I still, even with little less time to spare, continued to fuel my creative brain with visual inspirations on a daily basis. You can find and follow me here "". What kept me from blogging? All was due to my work... Have I mentioned it? Yes, you heard me 'work'. I got offered a job as a junior graphic designer at a family-size design company in Bangkok (on the outskirt of Bangkok to be more precise). And life has never been so busy since then!!! Believe me when I say 'busy'! Full-time designer~ sounds like something I would have loved to call myself months ago. Though things could have been worse if I was still jobless. I have to say, I kinda miss having time to do things as I please. Everything now is an obligation. I guess that's why people call it a 'job'. hahaha~ I get it now. And I definitely came to appreciate the value of money and my parents even more (not to be corny, but I mean I really did!).

Don't even get me started on what those long-gone months occupied... Heck load of corporate design work... Not exactly what I had in mind as my first design job, but I am learning a lot from my co-designers and bosses. They are a cool bunch! I'd hate to leave them, as I know the time will come.

Never mind about my boring life. Here is what got writing and blogging again! A rather enticing and awesomely cool collection of pressed flowers in scrapbooks by Emily Ann Thurrell. Yep! I am a hoarder in almost every aspect of my life lol. I hold on to memories I should have let go years ago; I keep things I should really throw away; I document things I see/love/like in every form possible. lol. I hope you enjoy! It's good to be back :)


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